The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age by Joel D. Anastasi


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I'm Joel Dennis Anastasi, author of The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age.

Two thousand years ago, the Archangel Gabriel announced the coming of a new age with the birth of Jesus, the Christ. Now, Gabriel is proclaiming a new 2,000 year age, one of man's spiritual unity. This New Age was born January 23, 1997, when planets aligned to form a six point star, the same configuration that announced Jesus' birth 2,000 years ago.

In this New Age, humans will follow the pattern of self mastery that Jesus demonstrated to awaken the soul. This, Gabriel says, is the Second Coming. It is not, "The Christ, the man, coming to rescue and save you... What he was telling you was that the Christ lies within you. You are the Christ. The time in evolution has come for the Christ Consciousness, the soul, to awaken in all humankind. We come to give you the step-by-step process for the awakening of the Christ Consciousness in all humanity."

In this in-depth and intriguing interview, Joel D. Anastasi has transcribed wisdom received from the Archangel Gabriel, who communicated to Joel through trance channel, Robert Baker, his spiritual advisor. Working from hundreds of pages of interviews, Anastasi not only shares Gabriel's wisdom on great spiritual themes, but also provides Energizing Exercises to prepare you for the awakening of the soul.


A news reporter’s transcriptions of timely wisdom from the Archangel Gabriel

Who is Joel Anastasi, and how and why does the Angel Gabriel communicate with him?

Anastasi is not a fire and brimstone, Bible-thumping religious zealot, evangelist, soothsayer, clairvoyant, or spiritual advisor. Anastasi is, and has always been, a seeker of spiritual truth. He’s also a successful business consultant and former newspaper reporter.

The Second Coming, by Joel Anastasi, is a series of ‘channeled’ interviews conducted over two years with the Archangel Gabriel. So why does Gabriel communicate with him?

“In 2002, I began studying the energetic healing art called Reiki with Reiki Master and spiritual counselor Robert Baker in Manhattan,” says Anastasi. “I soon learned that Robert ‘channeled’ the Archangel Gabriel. Having been trained as a professional journalist and raised as a Catholic, I was somewhat skeptical. But after observing several channeling sessions, I was convinced this was a spiritual event of major significance and needed to be brought to a wider audience.” 

Gabriel communicated with Anastasi through Robert Baker. The series of interviews transcribed by Anastasi for his book The Second Coming cover a broad range of topics including God, creation, mankind’s origins and spiritual journey, religion and death as well as contemporary topics including democracy, politics, the Iraq War, the U.S presidential elections, and the spiritual mission of the United States.

“This book represents a serious attempt by a serious –and once skeptical—journalist to explore many of the great questions man has wrestled with throughout history, with one of the great spiritual figures in Christian scripture, the Archangel Gabriel,” says Anastasi. He adds, “That alone, of course, challenges credibility for most people.”

The Second Coming is written in a sober, journalistic style. The book anticipates and explains many changes we are currently seeing in the world financial crisis, politics, religion and the environment. 

The Second Coming covers topics including:
• Who Gabriel is and what he represents
• His definition of God
• His description of Jesus’ mission, Jesus’ personal life
• What happens when we die?
• Gabriel’s comments about abortion, homosexuality and the death penalty
• The role of the United States in the spiritual evolution of mankind

Joel Anastasi has a BS degree in Economics from Syracuse University and a MS in Journalism from Columbia University. He has worked as a public relations specialist with the New York Stock Exchange, a news reporter for the Asbury Park Press, economic affairs editor with Scholastic Magazines, a VP of the Portfolio Management Division of Merrill Lynch, director of marketing for the Economic Consulting Division of Merrill Lynch, and a management consultant for many small and large organizations. He has also been a student of metaphysical, spiritual and religious subjects for many years.

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